The Vinton railroad crossings may see improvements

The Vinton railroad crossings that have been the source of controversy for more than a decade is now expected to be a resolved issue within the next two months.

In the past two years, four people have lost their lives at the Eddy railroad crossing.  Now the Department of Transportation is helping Vinton to meet safety requirements given by the Federal Railroad Administration to help prevent accidents.

The letter from the Department of Transportation included four options to improve highway rail crossings in Vinton.

The first option is to:

1.  Permanently close the Eddy street crossing

2.  Permanently close the Fancher street crossing and install lights with gates at Eddy street

3.  Permanently close the Fancher street crossing, install lights with gates at Eddy street and install a pedestrian crossing at Fancher street

4.  Permanently close both the Eddy street and Fancher street crossings

Mayor Stinson says now Vinton residents can have a voice in what happens with these crossings by contacting their City Council member and telling them which option they think is the best for Vinton.

The complete list of these options can be picked up at Vinton's City Hall.

The City Council says they will choose an option within the next two months.