Teachers Get Surprise Bonus

April 3, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson 

Teachers are the professionals that help mold the minds of our young people.   As challenging as teaching may be, teachers are often times underpaid.   Tuesday the Calcasieu Parish School Board took steps that helped correct this problem.   Now, it looks like teachers will be ending the year with a smile.

Patricia Clemons has been teaching in the public school system for 29 years, she said, "Teachers are in need of pay.   We are underpaid, but we love what we do.   With this supplement it encourages us to continue to work hard."  Clemons is talking about a one time pay day bonus that the Calcasieu Parish School Board just approved.

The total cost of the supplement to the school system will be $7,426,969.   Full time teachers will receive a $1,500, full time support staff will each receive $1,000, and part time workers that put in at least four hours a day will get half that much.  There are no guarantees this cash will be handed out again, but teachers did take time to thank the school board and plug the idea of making this a permanent raise.   Teachers and support staff in Calcasieu Parish can expect to see this pay day bonus included in their April 30th checks.