Calling For Help

March 28, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

We have been focusing on the problem of prescription drug abuse here on 7 News.   Following our special coverage on 7 News at six Wednesday, volunteers from the Office of Addictive Disorders took calls from some of our viewers regarding this issue.   When we set up this phone bank, we expected to receive several calls, but we had no idea how many people where looking for answers and help.

Mari Harris with the Office of Addictive Disorders said, "A lot of people looking for help, maybe medical detox or out patient or in-patent treatment for themselves, family member or friend."  Harris has been helping people over come their addictions for the past nine years and she believes the first step in overcoming a prescription medication addiction is asking for help.

Judging by the number of calls 7 News received following our special report on prescription drug addiction, many local residents are looking for a way a to kick this dangerous habit.   Harris said, "We want people to know that there is help and treatment does work and give us a call."

If you are looking for help overcoming a prescription drug problem, help is available.   Call the Lake Charles Addictive Disorder Clinic at (337) 475-4855 or the Brisco Treatment Center at (337) 491-2350.   These organizations treat adolescents as well as gambling addictions.  For more information log onto