A mother's struggle to save her child

Lori Comeaux is no stranger to the world of addiction. Her son Jeremy Montgomery began doing drugs when he was just 14-years-old.

Comeaux says "He progressed from first smoking the pot, then he would take something a little bit stronger, then he got into the prescription pain killers."

That's when Comeaux says her world began crashing down around her.

Comeaux: "I lived in fear all the time. I mean you don't sleep at night, you worry constantly, is he safe, is he doing, is he even going to come home at night....Jeremy was really a big part of my life and for 10 years I've tried to save him."

Comeaux sought help from 6 different treatment centers across the state, but says each time Jeremy was released, the drugs once again took control.

Then she says she felt a strange relief, as her youngest child landed behind bars at the Calcasieu correctional facility.

But the calm would end in tragedy.

Comeaux "He got out of jail and six days later he died."

December 14, 2006, Jeremy Montgomery died at age 24.

Comeaux: "I got a call from ADAC Friday the 15th telling me that they had a bed ready for him...maybe one more treatment center one more time would have saved him."

Or at least she says given her family more time.

Comeaux: "I would have taken one more day with him if I would have had it."