Betty Bates (D)

Each candidate was offered the opportunity to have 2 minutes to explain why they want to be on the Westlake council and tell us what they would bring to the office. Here's what candidate Betty Bates had to say.

Hello. I am Betty Bates and I am seeking the position of city council for Westlake.

I've always said that there is a time for everything. When interests and ideas of service are planted in our hearts it may take time for those seeds to mature, but given time and nourishment they can bud into something special.

In 1978, 29 years ago, as a young woman with small children I was extremely interested in my community my children were maturing in. I sought the seat of City Council and my interest has never wavered. I am pursuing position of city council again. The council is only as respectful and effective as its members make it. Well its time now! I am Betty Jane Bates seeking the seat of city council. I had a dream and I am pursuing the position again!

The councils role has not changed through the years, but the council has evolved and I believe that together we become a body that operates as intended - supportive of administrative efforts, but not a rubber stamp: writing laws to make our city better, but not operating in vacuum, insuring that tax payers dollars are spent wisely.

Things I would like to help achieve in the City of Westlake are:

1. To make a more presentable entrance to Westlake, starting from the exit off the I-10 ramp. The first impression is the most important thing that one would have of the City of Westlake. EXAMPLE HIGH MEADOW RANCH SUBDIVISION.

2. To work toward a more impressive main street, the appearance of our street and business are one of the things that will entice new business and new citizens to locate in our community.

3.To work with our police chief Jeremy Cryer to continue the reputation of our police department being the best department in southwest Louisiana.

4.Work toward an exit ramp to and from Westlake and work toward getting our street paving back on schedule.

5. Work toward getting our city ordnances enforced such as: garbage cans, yard cars, grass cutting, street sweeping, vacant lot cleaning.

6. Especially work toward getting more grocery stores, clothing stores, more restaurants. When I moved here 46 years ago, we had 3 grocery stores, a 7-11 fast food store, a department store, Bradley, 2 dress shops, Fran Jan where you could buy piece goods and sewing goods. What happened? Where are they now?

7.We use to have business of the month and yard of the month? What happened? Where did our civic pride go?

8. Work toward the possibility of building a city park under the I-10 bridge for families to watch fire work display, boat races, etc without having to go across the river. Fishing and picnic area for family to enjoyment.

I am not a proven politician, but I am interested in serving this city as the charter intends to provide a voice for the residents of the City of Westlake.