Welsh's Mayor Wants to Clean Up Mess

March 22, 2007

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Growing up as a kid in Welsh, it was always one of Mayor Carolyn Louviere's favorite drives.  The path over the gulley, outside Welsh on the west side.

But since Rita, Carolyn doesn't see the flowers any more, this is what she sees: trash everywhere, illegally dumped and left for the flies.

"It was always fun to come over the bridge and see the trees along the bridge," reminices the mayor.  "So i want to get it back like that for everybody to enjoy."

But the problem is, since this area is directly outside of Welsh town limits, the town can't enforce a cleanup.

But as Jeff Davis police juror Leroy Faul explains, the mess could potentially affect Welsh's drainage system.

"If the tressel (in the gulley) gets stopped up with trash, it would create a major flooding problem," says Faul.

What the town and parish hope to do is annex this ten-acre property, and make it part of the town of Welsh.  And at that point, they can then enforce a cleanup.

In the meantime, Mayor Louviere encourages residents to dump their trash at the Jeff Davis landfill, just two miles west of town.

"We're lucky to have the landfill here in Jeff Davis Parish," says Louviere.  "And it's only two miles from Welsh.  Once you have your trash loaded, just go out there.  It's free."