Off to War

March 21, 2007
Reported by: Britney Glaser

Hundreds of soldiers in our area are gearing up to head to the war in Iraq..

In just a few short days these men that make up the 389 Cavalry in the 10th Mountain Division will be taking the drills they have practiced overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The soldiers have participated in convoy security training and mission-essential tasks training since receiving deployment notification.

Many of these soldiers have been previously deployed, but for some, it will be their first time to touch Iraqi soil.

Specialist Paul Younker who's preparing for deployment says, "I'm to the point now where it's just like, it's about time because we've been hearing it for the past two years, you're going or you're not. It's every day we're just in the mind frame that it could happen any month-and this time, it's really happening and it's a good feeling."

The soldiers do not know how long they will be in Iraq, and the range can be from a few months all the way to a year and a half.