Dog Owners Cope with Death After Pet Food Recall

A backyard grave site is all Ann Leger has left of her 12 year old Pekinese, Kennedy, who died in her arms last week.

"I took off her collar, she took her last breath, and then she was gone," Ann recalls. She says until a couple of weeks ago, Kennedy was a happy, healthy dog when she suddenly fell ill.

"I noticed she was lethargic, and drank a lot, she urinated blood, a lot of blood," she says "I had just switched her to two of the foods mentioned."

Patti Phillips is a registered pharmacist who worked on drug recalls, and says similar things happened to her German Shepard, Shadeaux.

"Never would have thought that what my dog was experiencing was a problem with her food," Phillips says, "She had seen the vet about 5 weeks earlier and all her labs were good."

Patti says she gave Shadeaux the canned food as a treat, but now the recall leaves her with more questions than answers.

"I'm scared for whoever else is out there, I don't want them to feel the same pain that we do with the loss of a family member," Patti says. As she approaches Kennedy's grave, Ann says, "I come out my back door, and this is what I see and I don't know why." For a complete list of the pet food being recalled, call 1-866-463-6738, or click here.