Loved Ones Left Behind by Rx Drug Addiction

Far too often children are left feeling the pain of a parent's addiction.

KPLC's Rhonda Kitchens takes us behind the bars of the Women's Correctional Center where some local moms are hoping to break the cycle.

One mother caught in this cycle, Donna Thompson, shares. "Anything I wanted to do I had to be high to do it. I had to be high to have fun I had to be high to go to work, to just get out, even to go to functions at school for the kids."

Another mother, Amy Pittmon, says "You physically can't get up and do what you have to, you physically can't bathe your children, can't cook, can't do what you have to do."

Its a tragic story repeated far too often.

Mother, Caletha Jones" says "It's always pretty much the same a little different but it always leads out to the same thing."

Parents caught up in a web of addiction agree it's a cruel cycle.

Pittmon says "It's a vicious cycle you start it then you feel guilty, then you do more drugs because you feel guilty, then you feel guilty because you did more drugs."

Another mother, Michelle Rougeau, says "The doses got higher the more I took the more I had to take I mean I had to go to rehab on 30 lorcets a day I was really sick."

But they say it was their children who suffered most.

Pittmon says "As long as she remember its been bad I wasn't there when I should have been there when I was there I shouldn't have been there....At that point all I could do was say I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep, I didn't mean to be passed out I won't do it anymore and then of course it happens again."

Seperating families and breaking the ties that bind.

Jone's says "Its really hard especially when they come to visit you and they cry for you."

Now taking advantage of programs offered behind bars, these mothers are struggling to get their lives back on track.

They send a message to others on the brink of addiction.

Jones says, "It's not worth it."

Pittmon agrees, "When you start doing drugs you start dying right then....I just pray that things can be different and at some point in her (daughter's) life I can be a decent mother at least."