Rabbit Festival Celebrates 21 Years

March 18, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

Celebrating 21 years of rabbit breeding, hundreds of people hopped over to Iowa this weekend.

"The turnout for the festival this year was phenomenal. We've had, I would say a record crowd," said Rabbit Festival President Johnny Guillory.

It's a festival where the kids can walk away with a real life fluffy prize. "We're going to bring our little pet rabbit home and feed it and we're going to hold it, because my mom says this one we really like it," said Mackenzie Brown.

Lots of folks really seem to like it, and who else to better explain why than this year's Bunny Queens. "The best thing about this festival is the rabbit cook-off, the dancing and riding the rides," said 2007 Teen Miss Petite Paige Reeves.

Rabbit cookoff? -- While you'll find carnival favorites like chicken on a stick... the specialty in Iowa is rabbit -- barbecued or fried.

"There's not many places you get to try rabbit and dance the night away. It's a great family oriented festival," said 2007 Bunny Queen Danielle Moorissey.

While the adults were cutting it up on the dance floor, the kids were trying their luck on the games. For thrill seekers there were rides: From bungy-jumping to roller coasters, to everyone's favorite --  the bumper cars. "It was fun! When I drive it, I tell people to move because you're stuck in traffic," said Colby Parker.

All proceeds from this year's festival go toward community programs in Iowa.