Lake Area Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

As the Irish fiddle echoes down Ryan Street, St. Patrick's Day has taken on a new look in Lake Charles with the first annual Balladeer Festival. Something that's not so new, green... Irish green. And today there was lot's of it.

Lee: "I was reading your shirt. What's that say?"

"Everyone loves an Irish girl," said Annette Ezell.

Lee: "Is that true?"

Annette: "They wouldn't print it if it wasn't true."

Green, green, green... Green from head to toe... If you didn't wear green... Well you know. "Since it's Irish Day, when you don't where green you get pinched... So I don't want to get pinched," said Olivia Kittrell.

Lee: "I'm wearing my green, so I don't expect to get pinched. But I am Irish, so I do expect lots of kisses."

Irish families of today are proud of their heritage and look to share with younger generations.

"It is our ancestry. I have a grandfather who is deceased now, he has Irish heritage, so we now pass it along to our grand kids," said Debbie Bruney.

Those looking for a bit of Irish history didn't have to travel far to find it. On display was an ancient boat that was a common fixture among Irish families more than two thousand years ago.

"This boat would have been used for transportation, fishing, and out of boredom -- racing. The transportation was crucial because they lived on the islands and they had to get back and forth and they didn't have any other way," explained Doretta Landry Ancelet.

Celebrating through music, Celtic performer Danny O'Flaherity led the crowd in a sing a long.

"We love Danny O'Flaherty. And it's such a gorgeous day what else do we have to do," said Carol Williamson.

Lee: "Carol, you were telling me you're half Irish, what about you? "I'm Heinz 57 -- I can celebrate anybody's holiday," said Carol's husband Larry.

Thanks to the luck of the Irish, this holiday weather could not have been any better.