More I-10 Construction!

March 15, 2007
Reported By Vince Atkinson   

Anyone who has traveled Interstate 10 in the past two years between Vinton and Sulphur knows about the massive road construction project that is underway.   The work is being done in order to widen the road to three lanes in each direction.   In theory, this project will help cut down on future traffic congestion, but the construction has caused chronic delays for years.   So how much longer will this last?  Their may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thousands of drivers use Interstate 10 every day.   The roadway is designed to move a lot of traffic, so why are so many people barley moving on the road between Vinton and Sulphur?  Lester LeBlanc with DOTD said, "We are adding three lanes to increase the capacity.   That is one of our problems; we are over loaded with vehicles on the interstate now."

That additional lane will eventually make the interstate even more efficient, but for now many drivers have no choice but to sit in traffic and watch the time pass, but not for much longer.   LeBlanc said, "We are hoping to have that one 100% complete by the later part of May at the latest."  While this project is expected to be finished in the next few months, it is important to point out that construction could still be delayed if "mother nature" decides not to cooperate.   Once all is said and done, the I-10 construction project between Sulphur and Vinton will have cost an estimated $40,000,000.