Michael Irvin Pays Special Visit To DeRidder Man

March 15, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

Former Dallas Cowboy wider receiver Michael Irvin is about to surprise one of his biggest fans... DeRidder native Kevin Crayon.

"You are one of my all time favorite players," said Kevin.

Irvin: "Am I?"

Kevin: "Yeah, you are man."

27-year-old Crayon was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Living on borrowed time, Kevin's long-time friend wanted to do something special for the die-hard Dallas fanatic.

"He's been to several games, but he's never met any of the players. So I remembered Miss Karam here, who was my teacher. I remember her telling me she had a friend that had a connection with the Dallas Cowboys and we set it in motion," said Josh Foster.

When he got the call, the NFL Hall of Famer didn't hesitate to make the trip to DeRidder. That was on Sunday. "As soon as I heard the story, I called my people and said lets rearrange the schedule so I can get over here and visit with Kevin today," said Irvin.

"I'll always be a cowboy fan," said Kevin.

"You ever caught any of the games," asked Irvin.

Kevin: "Sir?"

Irvin: "Michael is fine... You can call me Michael."

As the two sit and talk like old friends, Kevin's parents watched as their son's life-long dream was becoming a reality. "I tell you he was elated, I mean he is busting with joy. I know that," said Kevin's father Donald Crayon. "Kevin's mother and I are just really grateful to Michael for coming to spend this time today. We know he is busy and words can't express our gratitude."

And like any Dallas cowboys fans, Kevin and Irvin discussed the recent departure of their head coach.

Irvin: "What do you think about Bill Parcells leaving?

Kevin: "I didn't like him leaving. I liked him and thought he should have stayed, but I think the new guy will do alright."

For Kevin, the time spent alone with his hero was priceless. "Oh, man I can't even describe it... It was just an unbelievable feeling. I'll remember this forever," said Kevin.

"His name will live on because I will be telling this story about walking in this room and expecting to see a person -- maybe in one way and in a certain condition, and then I see him so full of life and to have such courage and such strength... That's a story that people need to hear," said Irvin.

A story that will be told and one that has given Kevin another reason to fight for life. "I'm going to make it to that first game. God willing," said Kevin.