More I-10 Construction

March 14, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

More I-10 construction the latest construction project on Interstate 10 will most likely cause two years worth of traffic head-aches between Highway 165 and Loop 2-10 in Lake Charles, but you may be able to avoid the traffic tie-ups.  Interstate 10 is busy even on its slowest days.   More than 55 thousand drivers use the roadway every day.

A new construction project, beginning on Monday near the Interstate 10, Loop 2-10 Interchange headed easterward toward U-S 165 may be slowing things down.  Lester LeBlanc with the Department of Transportation and Development said, "There are probably going to have delays, but they are going to be minimal delays."

The construction project is expected to last about two years.   During the construction project some lanes on the interstate will be closed.   LeBlanc said, "They are allowed to close at 8:00 at night until 12:00 the next day again." While the interstate will never be shut down completely, some local commuters may want to know about alternative routes.

US 90 between Lake Charles and US 165 in Iowa, or LA 101 in Lacassine can be used as an alternative routes.   Drivers may also be able to access LA 14 to LA 101 in Hayes to avoid the construction.   If you are on the west side of the river, taking LA 27 to DeQuincy and then LA 12 across to US 165 in Kinder might be an optin.

Peak travel hours should not be affected by this new road improvement project, but it is important that drives know about alternative routes.   This new construction project is expected to be finished sometime in mid-year 2009.   The total coast of the project is estimated at just under $70,000,000.