Lakefront Development ... Yes or No?

March 13, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

We have heard a lot of talk about lakefront development in Lake Charles for years.   Now, voters are finally on the verge of making a decision on what the project should look like.   Tuesday night the Lake Charles City Council took the last step in order to put this issue on the May 5th ballot.

The lakefront in Lake Charles is an active place, but the Lake Charles City Council feels even more could be done with the property.   Plans for the area took years to finalize, but they will soon go before voters.   Lori Marinovich with the Lake Charles Downtown Development Authority said, "It would just kind of put that point behind quality of life when you think about Southwest Louisiana."

The plans to redevelop the lakefront will include a combination of commercial and residential development.   The Lake Charles City Council recently adopted the official map for the plans.   If the plans are approved, they will become part of the cities charter.   Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach said, "It will guide not only my administration, not only this city council, but future administrations and future councils in the redevelopment of the lakefront."

This new proposition allows public access to the lake, but will also free up city owned property for commercial, residential and recreational use.   Before any new plans regarding the lakefront can move forward, they must first get the "green light" at the ballot box on May 5 th , 2007.