New Twist In Arena Road Controversy

March 12, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

What is the future of Arena Road in Sulphur?  That is a question that has been debated for the past several months.   Monday night this hotly debated issue took a new twist.

Several weeks ago the Sulphur City Council approved a project that would have paved Arena Road in Sulphur.  The project would have cost $320,000, but Mayor Ron LeLeux vetoed the idea.   Attempts to over-ride the veto by Sulphur City Council Members have been unsuccessful.   When this attempt failed property owners along the road started signing a petition that would allow them to pay for at least part of the project.   As of Monday night, even this latest attempt by landowners has hit a snag.

The Sulphur City Council was prepared to consider a resolution accepting the landowners petition for the paving of Arena Road, but that petition was lacking one signature in order to make it legitimate.   For now the road remains unpaved and plans to complete the project still hang in the balance.   This project is something that developers say is critical in order to make several upcoming projects viable.   Projects that include three motels that maybe constructed.

The Sulphur City Council tabled the resolution that would have accepted the landowners petition.   If and when the petition has the proper number of signatures, the city council can reconsider this issue.