What is Digital Mammography?

Digital mammography, now being offered at the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital Breast Care Center, located at 711 South Ryan Street, Suite 500, uses computers and specially designed digital detectors to produce an image that can be displayed on a high-resolution computer monitor, and transmitted and stored just like computer files.

From a patient's point of view, having a digital mammogram is very much like having a conventional screen-film mammogram.  The process and exam is basically the same.

Unlike film-based mammography, digital mammograms produce images that appear on the technologist's monitor in a matter of seconds.  There is no waiting for film to develop, which can mean a shorter time spent in the breast imaging suite.

Remember!  An annual mammogram is one of your best defenses against breast cancer.  For additional information or to make an appointment, please contact the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Breast Care Center at (337) 430-4444.  To better serve our patients, we ask that you provide your follow-up physician's name, along with your most recent mammogram films at the time of your appointment.