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The Benefits of Digital Mammography

Unlike other parts of the body, the breast is composed mainly of soft tissue.  When breast tissue is x-rayed, it creates an image that looks something like a smoky haze, making it difficult to see tiny "spots" called microcalcifications, and other subtle signs of early cancer. 

With digital mammography, the radiologist reviews electronic images of the breast, using special high-resolution monitors.  The physician can adjust the brightness, change contrast, and zoom in for close ups of specific areas of interest.  Being able to manipulate images is one of the main benefits of digital technology.

Another convenience of digital mammography over film-based systems is it can greatly reduce the need for retakes due to over or under exposure.  This potentially saves additional time and reduces your exposure to x-rays. 

Because they are electronic, digital mammography images can be transmitted quickly across a network.  Digital images can also be easily stored, copied without any loss of information and transmitted and received in a more streamlined manner, eliminating dependence on only one set of "original" films. 

For additional information or to make an appointment, please contact the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Breast Care Center at (337) 430-4444.  To better serve our patients, we ask that you provide your follow-up physician's name, along with your most recent mammogram films at the time of your appointment. 
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