Drivers Could Hear Wrecks in the Fog

Fog is not rare in the Lake Area. But the thick fog we had this morning and the trouble it helped cause was rare. It's blamed for a series of accidents that shut down both east and west bound lanes of interstate 2-10 this morning for more than three hours. KPLC's Lee Peck was in the thick of the mess and reports more than 20 vehicles were involved.

No matter which way you went this morning you couldn't escape the thick wall of fog.

Local motorist Jean McGee says "It was very thick, I could see maybe two cars ahead of me." although drivers couldn't see they could definitely hear.

Motorist Heather Stillings says "We could hear people slamming into each other." Stillings was just one of 23 drivers involved in a series of 8 wrecks on the I-210 bridge. The first of which occurred on the westbound side around 7:15am. Heather Stillings noticed "Everybody started slamming on their breaks, the person behind me went to stop and he did. He slammed into me and another car slammed into him and he hit me again. And it's like it just kept happening. You know probably about 3 to 4 times."

The fender bender chain reaction was enough to force state police to temporarily close both east and west bound traffic.

Motorist Gules Borer who's on vacation from Quebec was one of the ones stranded. Gules Borer says "We were supposed to leave early because I want to go to Sabine Pass and see the wild bird refuge over there just west of Lake Charles and I heard on the radio there was an accident."

It's not very often that you see no cars on this stretch of I-210, especially during morning rush hour traffic. While east bound drivers were diverted, those stuck on the westbound part of the bridge were for nearly three hours.

Motorist Steve Kuypers says "We were going eastbound and on the westbound lane was closing off at least 15 tow trucks were backing up to pick up cars, and they were slowly taking cars smashed in the front and smashed in the back it was quite something. And the fog this morning was really thick. We were lucky to see two to three cars ahead of us."

Acadian Ambulance was called to the scene, but there were no serious injuries to report. All lanes of traffic reopened around 10:30.

KPLC still doesn't know how many citations were issued. But again, state police say fog was only a contributing factor and urge drivers to slow down and not follow too closely. And always turn on your headlights during such conditions.