Catholics look forward to new Bishop

Months of Catholic prayers have finally been answered. Word of a new bishop named to the Diocese of Lake Charles was good news for patient parishioners. St. Henry Church trustee Lawrence Jones says "It's a wonderful feeling. Fantastic. Marvelous. Super. We've been waiting so long, and we welcome him here in Lake Charles. We need one. We're praying he'll be successful. We're looking forward to working with him." Immaculate Heart of Mary Church member Bernice Poullard says, "The good news is that we have a bishop because we've been without one for a long while after Bishop Braxton left. So it will be wonderful to have a new bishop."

The fact that Bishop Elect Glen John Provost comes from Lafayette gives Sister Barbara Batiste of Sacred Heart even more reason to rejoice. Batiste says, "For me it means he understands our culture, understands us a little bit better than somebody from far away." St. Henry Church member Carol Robinson hopes the new bishop will bring people together. Robinson says, "As an African American, I would like to see the African American communities and Caucasian communities come together and bond together closer than they have been in the past."

There are more than 80-thousand Catholics in the Diocese of Lake Charles. The Diocese of Lake Charles oversees 38 church parishes in Calcasieu, Cameron, Jeff Davis, Beauregard and Allen Parishes.