What's Taking So Long?

March 5, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

It has been more than a month since a Singer Elementary student was nearly killed while playing on campus.   Now, she is back home and is making a recovery, but what is being done to prevent future accidents?  A plan was put into place to help reduce the risk, but it has still not been completed.  This has left some Beauregard Parish parents up in arms.

School play grounds are suppose to be safe, so why was six year old Singer Student Carely Pierce nearly killed while playing at her school?  That is a question some Beauregard Parish parents are asking.   Rochelle Bowmen said, "We want some answers as to why it has taken this long?"  Bowmen wants to know why a fence at Singer Elementary school has not been fully put in place.  This is a fence that may have prevented little Carely from being hurt while playing in an area that is near her schools playground.

Bowmen said, "The post have been set.   The cement has had plenty of time to set.   The fence is still laying on the ground or either a trailer.   It's been over a month now."  Beauregard parish school board members want to know the same thing, what is taking so long? While part of the fence at Singer Elementary has been erected, school officials decided to put an even heavier grade fence in place.   While that move did delay the project, it is hoped this will even better protect the students that use the playground.

7 News is told the fence is expected to be completed by this Wednesday, and school officials say they will do everything they can to keep all children safe on Beauregard Campuses.