Eye on domestic violence

March 5, 2007

Reported by Natalie Grise

So far this year, there has been about one domestic violence case ending in murder every month. 7News talked to the director of Calcasieu Women's Shelter about what's going on and what can be done to stop it.

Women stay in abusive relationships for many reasons. Some stay for love and some stay for fear of death, so when people are judgemental they need to have the whole picture.

In many cases children are involved. Children feel devastating effects from domestic violence. They often think it's their fault. They watch and feel helpless. Often what children ... and others see is a progression of abuse. It starts with verbal, emotional and mental abuse that leads to physical violence. That can be light pushing to full fighting. In the most severe cases it can even lead to death.

It's really sad for our community that we have battered women being killed and we've had way too many this year and as a community we should be outraged we should band together as a community to make a promise that this won't happen to any other battered women.

Polak also says part of that promise should involve being vigilant and making sure abused women get help. She says a woman shouldn't stay in an abusive situation, but leaving by herself can be very dangerous. It may even escalate the abuse. That why it's important to contact law enforcement or shelters to get help.