Husband Arrested For Stabbing Wife to Death

March 5, 2007
Reported By: KPLC Staff

A Lake Charles man wanted for murdering his wife has been arrested by police.

It was around 12:30 Sunday morning, when Lake Charles police were called to 1217 St. John Street to investigate the city's ninth murder this year. "Once our officers arrived they forced their way into the bedroom and located the deceased body of the victim," said Lake Charles Police Sergeant Mark Kraus.

The victim is 34-year-old Stephanie Moore, who police say was murdered at the hands of her husband, 32 year old Arris Moore, after years of domestic abuse.

"We do have some initial information that this wouldn't be the first instance where police were contacted and called out to the home," said Kraus.

7 News learned over the past 5 years police were called at least 4 times, arresting Arris Moore in 2002 for simple battery and attempted second degree murder; again in 2003 for simple battery. Moore was also arrested in 2005 for simple battery and attempted second degree murder and most recently for domestic abuse and second degree murder on February 12th of last year.

Stephanie Moore's brutal death is now marked by a trail of bloody evidence stretching across the street. "We believe that this is blood, it's going to be tested by crime scene investigators," said Kraus, "but we're pretty confident that is blood either coming to the scene or leaving the scene."

Also at the crime scene, Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier and Chief Felony Prosecutor Cynthia Killingsworth. Both were given a detailed tour of evidence left behind.

"When we start going through photographic evidence, we now have the opportunity to now have been here and we know basically what we're looking at when we go into the courtroom," said District Attorney John DeRosier.

Tragically the couple have two teenaged children, who police say were home at the time of the stabbing. 

Arris Moore called Calcasieu Sheriff's deputies last night to turn himself in.  Lake Charles police arrested him at 11:35 p.m.