Washington's Son Speaks Out

March 3, 2007
Reported by Rhonda Kitchens

Geroski Washington says, "he only gave me indications that he was ready for the task at hand of being the Mayor of Westlake."

A task, Washington says, his father took great pride in accomplishing.

"I don't understand how a person does an independent campaign, blood, sweat and tears, win the Mayors seat and 2 days before he takes office, take his life. I can't understand that."

Despite the findings of the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office and Louisiana State Police, Washington says law enforcement should be looking into other possibilities.

"There's a lot of contracts, new and old, in the city of Westlake, and you have a lot of businessmen who benefit from those contracts who do not perform duties on those job sites but benefit very lucrative and my father was coming in to clean up the slate and try to get everything back above ground."

But on December 30th those dreams came to an end.

"We're dissatisfied with the state ruling that my father took his life, so in order for the family and the community to get closure that is the main reason, the main focus, we're doing the independent autopsy."

Hopefully, Washington says, leading to answers his family so desperately seeks.

"Where's the bullet? Nobody knows. Why was the crime scene contaminated? Nobody knows. Why was my father's truck washed at the scene? Nobody knows. So how can they come to a conclusion without the facts to back up the ruling."

A ruling the family says they're not ready to accept.

Once the pathologist comes back with his finding then we'll know which direction we're going from there.

Gerald Washington's body is expected to be exhumed on Wednesday. The family says results of the independent examination should be released in a matter of weeks.