Post Card Scam

A couple of weeks ago, little yellow cards started arriving in mailboxes around the Lake area.

"The card is misleading to the public, to believe they haven't picked up a package," says Carmen Million, president of the Better Business Bureau in Lake Charles.

"That's exactly what I thought," says Moss Bluff resident Barbara Courville, "there's some kind of package."

So she and her husband Jules called the Better Business Bureau, and then the company, which was actually Global Savings Network, based in Dayton Ohio. They then learned there was no package, just a sales pitch.

"They told us if we go and they open the business, we'd be the first to go visit from the public," Jules Courville explains.

"I told him if we did go and we had to sign something we weren't going to sign for anything," says Barbara.

And Million agrees.

"Most consumers don't realize is that once they sign that contract unless there's a cancellation fee, they're bound to pay that annual fee," she says.

"They always say when they give you something for free, look out. I mean, you don't get nothing for free," Jules advises.

If you get a card from FLP in Dayton, Ohio, telling you to pick up a package that will only be held for 72 hours, call the Lake Charles Better Business Bureau at 337-478-6253.

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