What Should Be Done With Coastal Louisiana?

February 28, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

What does the future of coastal Louisiana look like?  That is a question the state's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is trying to answer.   This is the same agency that is trying to come up with a state wide plan that will both protect south Louisiana from future hurricanes and restore the disappearing coast line.  On the surface, any plans to better prepare our state for future hurricanes may sound like a good idea, but agreeing on how that should be accomplished is easier said than done.

Who can forget the damage Hurricane Rita left in her wake?  The destruction is something state leaders never want to see happen again.   This is why an elaborate multi-billion dollar plan is being devised to restore the states shoreline and develop future hurricane protection.   The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has been working on this concept for more than a year.

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is proposing a draft of their master plan for public review, but already some people in Cameron Parish say abandoning previous projects like the Cameron - Creole water shed is a bad idea.   Cameron Parish resident Scott Henry said, "We have the permits in place, we have the levee there.   We have the history behind it.   It worked.   We know that the storm was slowed down by this levee.   We need to have it back in place."

While everyone seems to agree that more needs to be done to help reduce the risk from future storms, just how that should be accomplished is still on the table for debate.   The master plan for coastal restoration is not complete.   The idea is only in draft form.   You still have time to voice your concerns or approval.   You can submit your comments on this plan through April 2, 2007.   Click on the following link to post your option:  http://www.louisianacoastalplanning.org