Treatment of Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery!

Treating Herniated & Buldging Discs and Degenerative Disc Disease

Common Causes of Back Pain

The discs in your spine act as shock absorbers.  Herniation or "buldging" of the discs may occur due to wear and tear.  This is one of the most common causes of lower back pain.

Disc degeneration can occur when the spongy disc dries out.  Over time or with injury, discs may dry out, tear and put pressure on the nerves.  The result is muscle tension and back pain.

The DRX9000TM is designed to relieve pain and promote healing.

  • Reduce your back pain
  • Reduce your symptoms
  • Reduce your disability
  • Improve your quality of life!

The DRX9000TM is effective in treating low back pain associated with herniated discs, buldging discs and degenerative disc disease, allowing patients to return to an active lifestyle.

Treatment consists of 24 sessions over a period of six weeks.  Each session lasts 30 minutes, and following each therapy session, a cold pack and/or electrical stimulation is applied to help restore muscle tone.