Our Success

Our Success

The Brain Dynamics Program and HRT have extremely high success rates, due partly to our unique approach and professional team, but also to our comprehensive screening process: we only accept children we believe we can help.

Every day, through the Brain Dynamics Program and the use of HRT, we demonstrate that specific mental and physical activities work wonders in improving the performance of the human brain.  Brain function can indeed be improved.

We measure the success of our program by superior grades, improved behavior, and a better life for our children and their families.  These are not transient changes, but true, long-lasting ones.  This treatment is designed to last a lifetime, however, we do recommend periodic checkups.

It is our belief that every child has the unlimited potential to improve the quality of their lives.  Yet more than anything, we believe in restoring hope... one child at a time.  To learn more about our unique program, and if it canhelp your child, please give us a call.

Call us today at 337-478-5634 to find out how we can help!

Results will vary.  There are no express or implied warranties by Dr. Chaudary and/or the Brain Dynamics Child Development Center.