Innovative Thinking, Remarkable Results

The Brain Dynamics Program is a unique, neurologically-based approach to treating brain-based dysfunction such as AD/HD, learning disabilities, autism or related disorders.  Our program has also been highly successful for those with dyslexia, language and auditory processing problems, and movement disorders.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

We believe that a major cause of childhood neurobehavioral disorders is an electrical imbalance betweenthe brain's two hemispheres.  If both sections do not develop equally, symptoms can result; some being the absence of certain abilities, others may be more unusually pronounced.  In scientific terms, this imbalance is referred to as Functional Disconnection Syndrome (F.D.S.).  Although well-documented in scientific literatures, few practitioners are aware of how to accurately diagnose and treat this condition.

How Can We "Turn On" the Brain?

Think of your child's brain as a solar-powered calculator.  If kept out of the sunlight, the calculator's power diminishes.  We "turn on the lights" in your child's brain so it can function as it was meant to.  Techniques are utilized to balance the body and the brain including physical & psychological, light, sound, music, touch, smell, and nutritional therapy.

A crucial element of the Brain Dynamics Program is Hemispheric Rehabilitation Therapy (HRT), a ground-breaking treatment pioneered by Dr. Chaudary, a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist trained in AD/HD and Learning Disabilities.  Designed to maximize each child's brain function and performance - especially understimulated areas - through sensory stimulation and motor signaling.

What's "the Secret" to the B.D. Program?

Whereas other facilities look at only one area of your child's funtionally, we examine all areas.  Our skilled professionals, test and quantify your child's health and abilities with actual, verifiable measurement, identifying each specific, deficiency, then devising an individualized program to systematically address those areas that need attention.  This approach alone makes us unique.  We achieve our primary goal of balancing the brain's two hemispheres by addressing the specific functional defect as it relates to this F.D.S.

Are There Any Drugs or Medical Treatments Involved?

Because medication and surgery are not part of the Brain Dynamics Program, there are no drugs, side effects, or withdrawal symptoms.  Dr. Chaudary is involved in every facet of the treatment plan for each patient, and meets with parents regularly for progress updates and assessments.  He is assisted by a professional staff.