Class Act Winner - Jan Walker

February 27, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

Jan Walker has been teaching for 25 years and she still has a few tricks up her sleeve and in her costume bucket. Walker says, "I kind of feed off them and go with what they're into. I have to keep it fun for me too because it has to be fun for me and through my enthusiasm, they get sparked."

Walker's endless imagination helps bring lessons to life. She has a wealth of experience and energy that could outpace a newcomer. Walker says, "I try to do something new every year and not do the same thing, like this year we got a famous poet to come visit us and we did this whole poetry unit. The kids kind of inspire me, whatever they're interested in at the time."

10 year old Victoria Breaux says, "Ms. Walker is a nice teacher and she works very hard for the fourth grade." 9 year old Kyndal Burkey says, "She's the best teacher ever. I like her because she's really funny and she explains really well."

Walker's touch goes beyond the classroom. She organized the school's Veteran's Day program, sent gift boxes for troops, maintains the "Students Shine" bulletin board, and the list goes on for this Class Act who is number one in her students' books. Walker says, "I really think that every teacher touches a student in some way, in a very good positive way, and it's something that they can take on with them the rest of their lives."