A natural approach to food and health

The organic, natural way of life is making itself known in Southwest Louisiana. KPLC's Laila Morcos takes a look at organic foods and naturopathic remedies to assist in your quest to overall good well-being.

Katie White is a pharmacist, but she's moving into a natural way of treating the body. "Our father was sick a few years ago and had heart problems and we began eating a real healthy diet and through that he became well."

By healthy diet, Katie means an organic diet rich with raw foods and cleansing supplements .. things she says her family would travel to buy.  That's why her family has opened up a new store called Pure.

"This is new for Lake Charles, moving in the right direction of healing," says Naturopathic Doctor Joani Goss.  She says you are what you eat, and if you eat badly, your body will show it.   "We treat the whole body, the whole person actually, because the physical symptoms are based on all parts of the being: the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, the mind."

And they say today's store bought food is loaded with hormones and things can overload the body's systems, causing disease.   "If you're going to eat a clean diet, it needs to be with nuts, your seeds, your organic vegetables, things full of life," says Katie.

Of course, Katie and Doctor Goss say not to abandon your current medications or medical treatments.  But an organic, natural way of life can help supplement your healing process.  Katie says, "You'll notice that your body is changing and if you journal you'll notice, and your doctor will notice that your blood pressure is lowering .. "

Herbal oils, canned foods, legumes and more .. all organic, all natural .. is now available right here in the Lake Area.

Pure Foods and Health is located at 138 West Prien Lake Road.