Jennings Residents Root For Country Music Contestant

Some residents in Jennings are rooting for a country music contestant who has ties to the area.   A couple of the relatives of this 'Nashville Star' contestant were eagerly trying to get votes for their family member.

David St. Romain, a singer, songwriter, guitarist is one of the final three contestants of the USA Network show 'Nashville Star.' He has a big fan base in the small town of Jennings not only because of his singing, but also because of his 82-year-old grandpa, Moore St. Romain.

Moore says, "Just about everybody in the home (Veteran's home) knows about it. Its up to them. Naturally we're excited about it."

Moore lives at the Southwest Louisiana War Veterans home in Jennings where he has also managed to get his roommate to cast votes for his grandson too.

Jone Zamora the roommate of Moore says, "I deemed myself as part of the family because we've been watching David since he first got started and the last time we won I pretty near jumped out of my britches."

The singer's first cousin says while grandpa is getting the veteran's home residents to vote she's working on the rest of Jennings.

Mary Beth Kojis says "I've been working on all my friends and everybody here so hopefully he is getting votes from Jennings fans."

But after listening to David croon hit songs like "Life is a Highway," many who watch the show may not need any more convincing. The Nashville Star will be awarded with a recording contract with the Warner Music Group Nashville.