E-85 will soon be available in Southwest Louisiana

The first E-85 station in Louisiana is set to open within the next few months. The station, which offers up a cocktail of more environmentally sound fuel containing ethanol, will debut in Sulphur at Pumpelly Oil. KPLC's Laila Morcos has the latest on the biofuel availability.

These trucks give an obvious clue as to what will soon come to Southwest Louisiana. "It's home grown fuel, cleaner fuel, and a wonderful thing to bring and it's a great alternative fuel," says CleanFUEL USA Chairman Rick Eichard.

He says E-85 is a renewable resource that will allow us to reduce dependence on foreign oil and keep more money in local coffers. "They'll manufacture ethanol here and the dollars will stay in the community and not go to pay for oil."

Richard says there are already millions of flexfuel vehicles on the roads. "A lot of your new cars .. consumers don't know they're fuel flexible."

And Glenn Pumpelly of Pumpelly Oil is ready to offer E-85 to customers. "Within about 90 days, we're going to bring in an E-85 storage tank and dispenser there in Sulphur."

Pumpelly says offering the more environmentally-friendly E-85 is his way of making a difference. "It's my way to do something about our dependence on foreign oil."

And no worries.. The price tag isn't expected to be much more than regular gas when it's available.

E-85 is expected to be available at Pumpelly Oil on Swisco Road. To find out if your car is E-85 friendly, click here.