Early birds get the best parade spots

February 20, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

Sitting solo on the side of the road-- it's all part of the Mardi Gras game plan. John Thomas of Lake Charles says, "Make sure you get prime real estate."

On Mardi Gras day, prime real estate is all along the parade route. But around here when it's first come, first serve, the rush is on for the best spots. An early start for the early bird is all part of the fun.

Waiting never tasted so good. Eddie Franklin of Lake Charles says, "I got some ribs, some pork steak, some sausage." Jesse Semien of Lake Charles says, "We come out here every year for the past ten years, set up our tent and start barbecuing." Six year old Tayler Trahan says, "It's fun without school."

Not everyone is cut out for the waiting game. Pam asks, "Are you having any fun yet?" Eight year old Nicholas Bearb says, "No." Pam asks, "What would make this more fun for you?." Nicholas says, "Video games."

Some just want to chill. Pam asks, "What time did you get out here and why so early?" Woman answers, "Nine o'clock, just to watch traffic and the people go by." And time does fly watching people go by. For these folks, waiting is just the warm up. Their Mardi Gras party is well underway.

Most of the early birds we talked to in the story were out on the parade route by seven or eight o'clock in the morning.