Mardi Gras Craze

February 20, 2007

Reported by: Britney Glaser

Whether it's the colorful parades or the great events surrounding Mardi Gras, the season of purple, green and gold has many locals feeling the rush of the revelry.  Donald Bushnell claims that he just might be the biggest Mardi Gras fan of them all.

Donald's Mardi Gras craze went to the extreme about five years ago when he started collecting every imaginable Mardi Gras decoration.  Now, when you walk into his house, it's to the tune of a zydeco band and through purple, green and gold decorations that literally touch from the floor to the ceiling.

"I told my wife," says Donald, "that I want to try to make it look like a float."  That would be the Bushnell's house that he is referring to.  The Mardi Gras décor keeps the Bushnell house looking more like a stop along the French Quarter than an actual living area.  Donald says, "It looks like I could be on Bourbon Street in New Orleans," as he sits on his couch.

If you think the decorations are only up for Mardi Gras season...think again!  "I started right after Thanksgiving," says Donald, "I put my Christmas decorations outside, said I'll take it down after Easter."  Thanksgiving to Easter...a full life for these Mardi Gras decorations.

"I really didn't want to go this far," says Donald, "but as I would go, everything started looking good, so I would add."  Donald's wife Mary has learned to live inside her "Mardi Gras Float" of a house.  "I told him 'Don't put no more up,' it was plenty and this is what he likes, so this is what I chose to accept," says Mary.

While Mary doesn't mind looking at all of the purple, green and gold, when it's time to take all of these decorations down, Donald knows not to go to her for a little help.  "I try to get away," says Mary.

The Bushnell home has become a popular stop for neighbors as they have a little taste of the Big Easy when they walk through the front door.