Family Says Goodbye to FEMA

February 16, 2007

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Tammy Bellar's packing up, and moving out. It's been a long year for her and her two teenagers, living in this FEMA trailer.

Bellar says "The closets and everything are just filled. We utilized every piece, every inch, everything."

But today's a new day. Through the help of project "Build A Future", the Bellar's are moving out of the trailer, and into a brand new home.

Project build a future's a local faith based organization, who are helping low income individuals into home ownership.

Nicole Miller, executive director of "Build A Future" says "Basically what we're doing to the community is building $100,000 homes, that we can turn around and sell for $70,000, because we're able to bring together the partners that lower our costs, that bring principle reduction and down-paying assistance to the family."

For project build a future, Tammy's home is their first completed project since hurricane Rita.

But Tammy says "It means the world to us. We are so proud, we are so blessed, we are just ecstatic about everything. This is a dream come true to us."

And "Project Build A Future's" looking to make more dreams come true. Across the street from Tammy's new home, three more houses are set to be built.

Miller says, "It's made a huge difference for the Bellar's, but it's also going to make a huge difference in this community. It's going to make a huge difference in one step forward in beautifying the area and showing pride in the community, in a area we think will be changing and improving as the years go on."