Oil Spill Recovery

February 14, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson 

It was an accident that shut down the Calcasieu Ship Channel, drove recreational boaters inland, and left many people asking questions about the quality of our local environment.   The clean up from last summers massive CITGO spill took weeks, but things eventually did get back to normal, at least on the surface.

According to test results taken by the Department of Environmental Quality, fish collected from the oil spill area show no levels of concern.   Test results indicate contaminates seem to be at about the same levels they were prior to the oil spill.

The Department of Environmental Quality is not issuing any new fish advisories related to the oil spill.  More test results are still pending.  A second round of testing is being conducted on fish caught near the oil spill; this second phase is for additional, less toxic compounds.