Frank Pryce

Reported by John Bridges

Frank Pryce says his family's pharmacy has come a long way since 1908, when his grandfather started the business.

Pryce says about his grandfather, "He was one of the first phamacists in the area. He was a doctor and pharmacist. At this same corner, because of segregation. He would do minor surgeries. He would take out your tonsils and give you ice cream and send you home."

Pryce's still carries some of the old fashioned remedies they carried years ago like Black Draught, Three Sixes, and Father John's. Nowadays, Pryce certainly doesn't do surgeries, and he says the computer is something he can't do without.

Pryce says, "It makes a big difference. People don't like to keep up with the bottles and they'll go five minutes describing what they had. It's easier to catch on to the number."

The main thing Pryce's pharmacy has been to this neighborhood is a gathering place. Pryce says, "You learn a lot. You learn how people think. If they need some change in direction you nudge them in that direction."

And that's how Frank Pryce is making a difference in Southwest, Louisiana.