Regaining motivation for eating healthy

Everyone has been wondering what happened to our ongoing special report with Sunrise morning team John Bridges and Laila Morcos, "Getting Fit with Sunrise." Well they're still getting fit, and they hope others are too. But about this time of year, after those resolutions, people tend to lose motivation and go back to their old ways. KPLC's Laila Morcos talks to a local dietitian to find out how to get back on the track to eating right.

When you fall off the wagon, how do you get back on when it comes to diet? "I think a lot of times people will slip up and go to a buffet and do what they're not suppose to and then they feel so bad," says Registered Dietitian Samantha Rider.

We sat down with Samantha to check in on our nutrition. She says its easy to slip back into old eating habits, especially if you get discouraged. "I think people are too hard on themselves."

And if you fall off your nutrition track, Samantha says get back on one step at a time. "Wake up in the morning, start on a new day and do the best you can and set goals, small goals, like, 'I'm going to drink more water this week.'"  By setting small goals, you can see your progress.

You're not going to change your body overnight and if you slip up and have a piece of cake, that's OK "Slow steps are best, but if you try to do everything at one time, it's just too overwhelming," says Samantha.

She says we didn't gain weight overnight, so we won't be able to lose weight overnight either.

Samantha also adds, be wary of fad diets that limit any food group. In the short term, you may lose weight, but in the long term, you may put it all back on.