How Do Parents Pick A Good Day Care?

February 9, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

With so many dual income families these says, many kids spend a lot of time at day care facilities while mom and dad are at work.   How do parents know if they are choosing a good "day-care?"  State leaders have just implemented a new program that may take the guess work out of this often stressful process.

Children are arguably one of our most valued commodities, this is why making sure a child goes to a quality day care is such a priority for working parents.   Jennifer Conner, the owner of Apple Tree Kids Incorporated Child Development Center in Sulphur understands the concerns parents have.   Conner said, "A parent really has no idea what goes on here while we are here."

Louisiana recently launched the quality child care rating system.   The Bayou state is now one of just a few states to tackle this issue.   Besides rating day care centers, the new program provides training and explains how the rating system works.   Conner said, "They will actually have outside observers come into our class rooms and do an unbiased grading."  Day care centers will be graded on programming, staff qualifications, administration practices, and family and community involvement.

Not all day care centers will be rated under the new system.   At this point only day care centers that receive state funding are allowed to participate in this new program.   According to organizers with the quality child-care rating system, the state is considering expanding the program to include privately run day care centers.   If you are a child care provider and want more information on this program, call (866) 374 9460.