New Developments in Louisiana Avenue Murder

February 9, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

There are new developments in the murder of a Lake Charles man. As KPLC's Lee Peck reports, while investigators have not officially named any suspects, they have identified the victim.

Lake Charles Police have identified the body as 54-year-old Daniel G. Kennedy, Jr. The Cincinnati native had lived in the Lake area for 15 years where he was a full-time employee at the Port of Lake Charles on the docks.

Kennedy was found dead in his home at 109 South Louisiana Avenue late Monday evening. His cause  "Our investigators were contacted after a friend went into his home and located his body," said Lake Charles Police Sergeant Mark Kraus.

While at Kennedy's home Friday, we spoke with the friend who made the gruesome discovery. They declined to go on camera but said the last time they saw Kennedy alive was Saturday afternoon around lunch time. Investigators have yet to name a suspect, but did arrest 55-year-old Kermit Redmond on Wednesday. Redmond was being held on unrelated charges for pawning stolen jewelry and bonded out Friday afternoon. We're told he is now a person of interest in Kennedy's murder.

"We have some leads. We have some promising leads, we feel are good enough to pursue those answers at least to determine some facts and to try and decipher who was at the house, who may be responsible for this and pursue that avenue to either include those persons or exclude them," said Kraus.

One of those persons is Yolanda Reney. At noon, we ran her photo. At that time all we knew is that she was wanted by Lake Charles Police for not returning rental furniture. Not long after, a friend of Yolanda Reney called saying Reney and Kennedy were friends. When asked if Reney was a suspect in Kennedy's murder, investigators would only say that she is wanted for questioning.

Anyone with information into Yolanda Reney's whereabouts is asked to call the Lake Charles Police Department at 491-1311.