Aussie teacher on technology tour

The Calcasieu Parish School System has quite a reputation when it comes to using technology. The more word gets around, the more visitors want to see what's going on. KPLC's Pam Dixon caught up with a teacher from down under who's wonder brought him to Southwest Louisiana.

David Driver is nearly nine thousand miles away from home. The Brisbane, Australia, math teacher is discovering technology abroad. Driver says, "Students are going to be using it once they leave school and if they don't learn it when they're at school then they're going to have to learn it later on. So if we can make the learning process more effective by using technology while they're learning, then they've got a double edged sword. They learn better and they're prepared for the real world when they leave school."

Calcasieu Parish is one of of nine stops during Driver's six week tour of classrooms in the U.S. and Canada. Some of what Driver is seeing for the first time has been an eye opener-- from microscopes hooked up to computers to hand held Palms and Smart Boards teachers use to quiz students. Calcasieu Technology Facilitator Arlene Cain says, "Calcasieu Parish pretty much is already on the cutting edge of technology.

Calcasieu's use of technology is not only getting the attention of outsiders, it's getting the attention of students. 7th grader Dimonieshia Adams says, "We enjoy hands on more than having to sit and read." And that's where it matters the most.

Driver has been teaching for 35 years and has published more than 20 articles about math. He says he will share what he learns when he returns to Australia. Driver's trip is financed by a $27,000 scholarship offered by the Australian government.