New implant helping patients with arthritis move pain-free

Millions of Americans will suffer from osteo-arthritis in their knees.  The cartilage is worn down to the point where bone is rubbing bone. It's extremely painful and debilitating for patients, and would sometimes result in a total knee replacement. But there's another solution available in the Lake Area that's correcting the problem, for the long-term.

James David has a bounce in his step again. "I'm feeling great," he says.

But that wasn't always the case.

"Grinding, hurtful, constantly. Couldn't sleep at night, toss and turn. It became too unbearable to handle." James developed arthritis in his knee and it was extremely painful. His bones were literally rubbing together.

"It's extremely common," says Orthopedic Surgeon Geoffrey Collins.  He decided James was a perfect candidate for a new knee implant that's revolutionizing knee replacement.

"Unicompartmental knee replacement is designed for patients who have arthritis specific to one side of their knee."

Before this, most patients only had the option of a total knee replacement. "Total knee replacement has excellent results, but they only last 12-15 years." Which results in higher complications.

But the partial knee replacement lasts much, much longer .. 20 years at least.  "The patient can walk the day after surgery." Which is what happened with James.  He's hitting the gym in just a bit.  "Pain is gone. Feels like new again."

You may have arthritis of the knee if you have pain while standing or walking, knee swelling, or locking of the knee.

For more information on the Oxford knee replacement, call the Center for Orthopaedics at 494-4900.