Police search boat ramp for clues to murder

This morning, we learned the victim is 27 year old Rodrick Syas. After requesting the information from Lake Charles Police, we found out he has three prior arrests. His last one, in November, was on drug charges.

We also spoke with Syas' brother, Reginald, who said Rodrick was missing since early tuesday morning, when he left with friends.

Reginald says his brother was not the type of person that would hurt anyone.

Rodrick Syas lived in Lake Charles all his life, went to Washington Marion High School, and was not employed at the time of his death.

Yesterday, it didn't take long for authorities to realize they were dealing with a murder, and early today they continued looking for evidence. Lake Charles police and the Calcasieu Parish Marine Division finished investigating the area around Fitzenreiter park this morning.

Although they reopened the park and boat launch, they are still persuing leads.