Questions about the Sleep Disorder Center?

Let our "Dream Team" help you get the sleep you need.
Let our "Dream Team" help you get the sleep you need.

Is Dr. Kaimal in my network?

Dr. Kaimal is in the following networks:  Medicare, Aetna, American Lifecare, Bestcare, Cigna, Multiplan, PERCS/Delta Downs self-insured plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield/PPO/Key, Calcasieu Parish School Board, PPO Plus, First Health, United Health Care, Tricare, CCN, Office of State Group Benefits.

If your insurance is not listed above, please contact your insurance and ask them what percentage would be covered under your plan.

Is the Sleep Study a covered service under my insurance?

To ensure that the sleep study is covered you may either call our office (337) 310-7378 or you may call your insurance company to ask if sleep related illnesses are covered under your plan.

What is a CPAP machine?

CPAP is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.  It is used to treat Sleep Apnea by blowing pressurized air through the throat to prevent closure at night.

What will my cost be for a CPAP machine?

The cost of the machine depends on your insurance coverage and what the policy states.

If I snore, does that mean I have Sleep Apnea?

No, not necessarily although snoring is a cardinal sign of Sleep Apnea there are many people who snore without cessation of breathing.  If you snore and have the other symptoms of Sleep Apnea such as; restless sleep, frequent awakenings, daytime drowsiness and fatigue as well as frequent urination at night, you may have or be at risk for Sleep Apnea.

Is the Sleep Disorder Center of Louisiana the only sleep lab in the Southwest Louisiana area?

The Sleep Disorder Center of Louisiana is the only accredited sleep lab in the Southwest Louisiana area and our Medical Director, Dr. Jana P. Kaimal, is the only board certified sleep specialist.