A Moment in Black History with Faye Blackwell

Today's moment in black history features the first African American to own an FM radio station in southwest Louisiana, Ms. Faye Blackwell.

Faye Blackwell, a graduate of Southern University, was a member of the Lake Charles City Council for twelve years. It was then that an opportunity came for Ms. Blackwell to start up a radio station.

Without hesistation, Ms. Blackwell decided not to run for another term as a city councilman and take the opportunity. She felt that she was prepared for this responsibility because she helped take care of her nine younger siblings, which taught her not only about responsibility, but also how to make responsible choices. The decision to leave the city council and start a radio station led to her becoming the first black to own an FM radio station in southwest Louisiana. Although this was a great honor for Ms. Blackwell, she says that the journey was so difficult it still gives her nightmares when she thinks about it.

"I had many trials and went to many trials in order to finally obtain it, but it was worth it. If I had to do it all over again I would probably do it the same way."

Ms. Blackwell says that her success resulted in her taking advantage of every opportunity she could and most importantly, God.

Arbitron ratings has ranked KZWA as the number one urban radio station. Blackwell says it's goal is to promte the live and local aspects of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas. This is all the result of one lady.

KPLC celebrates Ms. Faye Blackwell, owner of KZWA radio station, for today's moment in black history.

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