School Yard Tragedy

January 31, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

A freak accident at a Beauregard Parish school has left one little girl fighting for her life.   Now, some people are wondering if the accident could have been prevented.   It happened at Singer Elementary on Monday.   At least one school board member wants to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.   While no one wanted this accident to happen, one Beauregard Parish School Board Member wants to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

Other than the occasional scraped knee or bruise, school playgrounds are supposed to be safe.  So why was a Singer kindergartner nearly killed while playing on campus?  The answer centers around a large metal pipe.   Beauregard Parish School Board Member Russell Havens, Jr. said, "The pipe was a six inch steel pipe, about 20 feet long and it was sitting up on some saw horses behind the shop."  The young female student was hurt when the pipe rolled off the saw horses and crushed her diaphragm.   The area where the accident took place is not part of the play ground, but there is no fence to keep curious children away.   Some school board members want to see this potential hazard changed.   Havens said, "It would prevent any more accidents from happening if they would put one up for us."

Havens claims he made a request for the fence before the accident, but he has now placed his request in writing and is asking his fellow school board members for full support.   Havens said, "If they don't want to put one up, then they need to be held responsible for it.   There is no reason for these kids to be in an unsafe environment at these schools."

At last check the Singer kindergartner that was injured in this accident was still recovering in a Shreveport hospital.   She is in serious, but stable condition.   Beauregard Parish Superintendent Rita Mann released a statement that indicated she could not comment on specific students in the school system.   The statement also indicated that the number one goal of the school is to protect students from harm and provide for their maximum educational growth.