Class Act Winner - Delaina LaRocque

January 31, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

LaGrange High teacher Delaina LaRocque has a lot to celebrate. The Spanish teacher is so popular among students, junior Jasmine Delafosse nominated her for the KPLC Class Act Award, and we decided to let Jasmine do the honors surprising her with the award. Jasmine says, "I just love the way she teaches and she motivates her children to learn the Spanish culture." And motivate she does with her energetic style. LaRocque, the daughter of two teachers, wasn't planning to teach, that is until she felt the classroom calling her. LaRocque says, "We don't do this for the money. We don't do this to get the summers off. We do it because we want them to be successful in their lives, and when students like Jasmine, who is so special to me anyway, do something like this, it really touches me and it's all worthwhile."

LaRocque fell in love with the Spanish language after taking classes in high school. In college she changed her English major to Spanish. LaRocque says, "I love the language. I love the cadence of the language. I love the people. I'm interested in the culture."

Now this teacher of ten years is sharing her love of Spanish with a new generation growing up in a shrinking world where knowing a second language is becoming a necessity.

Email your Class Act nominations to Pam Dixon. Explain why the nominee desrves the award and include 2-3 letters of reference, including one from a supervisor.