Debating Cells In School

January 30, 2006
Reported by Vince Atkinson

It seems like just about everyone owns a cell phone these days, but if you are an elementary, junior high, or high school student in Calcasieu Parish, you better not bring your phone to school.   It was just last year that the school board banned student cell phones on campus parish wide.   Now, with so many new school board members taking office, this hotly debated issue is once again being looked into.

Cell phones are supposed to help us communicate more easily, but introducing them into the class room is a teachers worst nightmare.   Calcasieu Parish school administrators were recently surveyed on how they feel the new cell phone ban is working.   According to the results, school officials overwhelmingly like the new rule.

Calcasieu Parish School Board Member Bryan LaRocque thinks the idea needs to be revised.   LaRocque said, "We need to create a police and step up to the plate and figure out a police that will work and I think we can do that."  Some board members want to see the current cell phone police stay in place.

One thing board members do seem to agree on, cell phones should not be turned on inside the class room.   Reaching an agreement on the over all cell phone issue is still up for debate.   The school board has decided to make no changes to the current cell phone ban; instead, board members will wait to hear back from school staff members before making any new decisions.