Litter in the Lake Area

Lake Charles was once known as one of the cleanest cities in Louisiana, but since Hurricane Rita the Lake area has caught the litterbug.

One woman who admits to littering, says that she knows its wrong but says its so convient.

Katrazz herbert says, "its quick and easy, you got trash in your car just throw it out the window on the highway or something like that."

But another resident says that there is never a good excuse to trash the city.

Joshua Moreaux says, "Its the right thing to do, not to litter, keep america beautiful."

He says he is even teaching his child how to be responsible for his trash.

Joshua Moreaux says,  "I keep a litter bag in my car in both my vehicles, my wife and I.  We try to control my kid and watch him."

Mason Lindsey the Chair of Team Green, an environmental organization, says not only can litter hurt animals but it can also cause a city to lose buisness.

Mason Lindsey says, "It also has an economic impact on the area.   There was a town in south Louisiana that was courting a large company to come in and the CEO of that company saw how dirty their city was, he wouldn't even consider the proposal."

But, he also says that there are still ways you can help solve this growing problem.

Mason Lindsey says, "You can get a litter bag, you can keep it in your car, you can go ahead and put it in your own trash, we do have recycling, we also have the green roving truck that goes to different areas each day.